2017.04.17-04.19 Yoga Retreat at Kripalu

I highly recommend visting the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA. The center is positioned on a hill overlooking the Berkshire Mountains and I feel a sense of peace the moment I step onto the property.

R&R Retreat day pass – This is my go to anytime that I visit the center. The pass is $99 for the day. The cost includes (3) meals, seminars, yoga classes, and access to the facility. At check in you receive the schedule for the day and have the ability to pick the portions that you would like to attend. I always make sure to schedule time for an afternoon nap in the sun room located on the top floor. My trip always ends with an OMG Chocolate Cherry Chip cookie from the cafe.

Below are a few of the seminars that I attended along with cliff notes.

Kripalu Core: Yoga Off the Mat – Aruni Nan Futuronsky

  • Riding the wave. Life is a series of waves that we need to learn to ride. The model views stress as a curve and suggests that if you ride through the sensation you will make it to the other side. The best way to build your resilience is to ground yourself and recharge when you are depleted.
  • Self regulation will also strengthen your resilience. This involves being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without attaching to them. Feel the sensation and let it pass.
  • You are just me disguised as you over there. This concept is basically saying that we as humans are all the same. This little saying is a helpful reminder of that.

Recharging and Rebooting – Janna Delgado

  • Ultradian Rhythm – Humans have 90 minutes to 2 hours of peak performance before they need to recharge.
  • Mini-breaks are necessary to not be depleted at the end of the day. Grabbing a cup of tea, taking a small stretch break, and having a snack are all helpful.
  • The nervous system prefers a steady rhythm that is predictable. The body prefers to know when it will be receiving food, exercise and sleep.
  • Well wishing is a meditation practice that can be done to express gratitude. Simply think of people and send them well wishes in your mind. This can be done daily during simple tasks such as brushing your teeth or driving to work.
  • Almost everything will work again if you unplug it, including you.

Nature Connection: Plant Healing – Annie B. Kay

Plants are living this that deserve our attention.

  • Sit with a plant and breathe. Plants take in CO2 and emit oxygen. Humans breathe oxygen and emit CO2. Sitting with a plant and breathing with it forms a mutually beneficial relationship. I sat with a dandelion for twenty minutes during this seminar.
  • There is scientific debate regarding the existence of a conscious in plants. The leader of this seminar is a firm believer that plants have an ability to communicate with humans using non-verbals. She said that plants can speak via colors and movements.
  • A few people in this workshop grew very emotional about the plants that they sat with. One man wrote a poem about the experience and shared it with the group. When the man was finished and shared that he feels like he does not want to abandon the flower due to the strong connection that was made. The speaker told him that connecting with one dandelion is the same as connecting with all of them.
  • The speaker firmly believes that dandelions are not weeds. She highly recommends consuming them by sauteing them in olive oil or drinking them in tea.

Positional Therapy – Lee Albert

  • This speaker suffered from migraines for years was cured by positional therapy.
  • The main idea behind this therapy is that muscles are in pain when they are tight. The best way to loosen them is to create slack in the muscle. Stretching the muscle opposite to the one that is tight with allow the muscle to relax.
  • The body responds the best to slow movement. Harsh movements create a fight or flight response in the muscle.
  • He suggests holding certain positions for 2 minutes at a time daily. Changes in the body will occur in (3-5) months.

Whole Foods Cooking Demonstration – Jeremy Rock Smith

  • This man does not work at Whole Foods, but instead is an advocate for whole food diets. Locally grown organic produce that is seasonal.
  • (4) ways to not cry when cutting an onion: chill the onion prior to cutting, light a match, chew gum, or put a piece of bread in your mouth.
  • Rolling a lemon before squeezing it produces the most juice.
  • Garlic loses it’s nutritional value ten minutes after it is cut. Add it in at the end of cooking.
  • Let things be as they are. Keep meal conversations light and avoid serious topics.
  • Turn the oven on before cooking. During meal prep always have an empty bowl for scraps. Also have a bowl of water with all of the utensils you plan to use. The utensils can be used multiple times by dipping in the bowl and drying off with a towel. Keep all ingredients and cooking equipment out during prep.

Plan a visit! https://kripalu.org/stay/rr-retreats


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