2017.06.24-25 Wunderlust Stratton

This was my first trip to Wunderlust and it was a very pleasant experience. There are two ways to enjoy the festival: full day pass or free pass. I chose the free option and believe that I had just as much pleasure out of my time there.

The festival was spread out across the Stratton ski resort. Classes were both indoor and outdoor. The festival was run by a mobile app and all class registration went through the app. From what I saw it appeared that the app was somewhat unreliable, but I did not actually use it myself.

There is no admission fee if you just want to walk around. There are about 50 vendors there giving out free swag and selling items. The free samples included sunscreen, hair ties, fidget spinners, stickers, and healthy food. There were also vendors selling clothing, jewelry, art, furniture, and books.

My favorite part of the festival was sipping a chai and sitting on the grass. The wind chimes and guitar playing added a nice ambiance. I purchased a moon deck which are similar to tarrot, but designed to be used by one individual. The deck is intended to be used daily to give the user a mantra for the day. I have been using it almost daily and find it inspiring. I plan to use the mantras and small exercises in my teaching. Check it out below.


I also went to a seminar about aromatherapy. The woman started by speaking about the chakras and which scents are associated with each. She warned against using pure essential oils when applying topically. I was then informed that the FDA does not evaluate the essential oils that are sold. She sold Doterra which is pricey, but seems to be worth it in the long run. The seminar concluded with everyone rubbing a mixture of oils directly onto the body on the main energy centers. I hope to incorporate what I learned into my own workshop in the future.

Overall a positive experience however it was hard to ignore how inaccessible yoga can be to those with less discretionary income. The commercialism of yoga is disheartening as it’s roots are so modest.

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